Hello, my name is Toby.

I am a UI / UX designer and graphic designer that loves to create digital experiences. I am interested in creating experiences that connect people and bring new ideas to life through visual design and augmented reality. I am always studying the world around me to find what could be improved and thinking about how those challenges could be overcome.

What I was Made to Do

From the time I got my first iPod, I was hooked on technology and wanted to make a career in the technology industry. Throughout the years, I discovered my passion for helping people and solving problems. I am always studying the world around me, finding what can be improved to make life easier for people. User Interface / User Experience Design combines my passions, allowing me to create fun and engaging experiences that enhance people's lives. This is why I feel I was meant to be a UI / UX Designer.



Bachelor Degree of Arts in Art
Southeastern Louisiana University
Concentration in New Media + Animation
I learned 2D animation using After Effects, 3D modeling in Autodesk Maya, and 3D printing. I also took classes to learn more about typography and graphic design.

Work Experience

Web Developer / Graphic Design Assistant
PMC Machinery
August 2019 - Present
I assist in the development of our websites and help create our sale graphics for Facebook, signs, emails and website banners. The websites were created using WordPress and Elementor with the graphics being made in Photoshop. I also help with customer service.
Technology Intern
Southeastern Louisiana University
January 2018 - May 2019
I worked as a technology intern at the Center for Faculty Excellence assisting faculty in video creation. I shot and edited audio and video using Premiere Pro, Camtasia and Audacity. I also created graphics using Photoshop and Illustrator.
Student Worker
Southeastern Louisiana University
May 2017 - December 2017
I worked as a student worker at the Center for Faculty Excellence answering phone calls, checking out equipment, and assisting faculty with scanning documents and using computers and cameras.


Apple Chapel
Senior Exhibition, SLU, Hammond, LA
August 2018 - May 2019
I used my knowledge of coding, 3D modeling in Maya and creating graphics in Photoshop and Illstrator to create a virtual space in augmented reality that viewer could walk around insode of and explore.could walk around insode of and explore.
Townsend Farmers Market Poster
NASAD Exhibition, SLU, Hammond, LA
March 2019 - April 2019
I used my knowledge of Illustrator and InDesign to create a cohesive group of three fictional farmers market posters.


Home Office
I have a well-lit home office with a desk and comfortable chair. The office has a closing door to insure a quiet work environment. I also have an up-to-date 2019 MacBook Pro and 2017 Windows laptop.
I organize my work schedule using a calendar to keep track of project deadlines. I also separate my tasks into folders so I know where to look for each project. I am disciplined in time management and self-motivated to accomplish as much as possible everyday. I also use tools such as Zoom, Asana and Slack to keep up with team members.

Download Resumé

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