Center for Faculty Excellence Internship Videos

Here are  projects from my time as a Technology Intern at Southeastern Louisiana University in the Center for Faculty Excellence.

Adjunct Faculty Welcome Video

This project was part of a larger series of videos I worked on that gave adjunct faculty an introduction to the different departments Southeastern. This video acts both as an introduction to Southeastern and to the series of videos.

I recorded and edited the video. I also created the graphics and filmed around campus for the background videos behind the text. I looked for areas of the campus that conveyed its lively nature and beauty.

Homecoming 2017 Project

I created the Center for Faculty Excellence's Homecoming Submission as part of the Homecoming Departmental Decorating Contest in 2017. The theme was "Once Upon a Homecoming" so I decided to create a fairy tale style story of the Southeastern Lions beating the Incarnate Word Cardinals. I created the aged storybook background in Photoshop and drew the illustrations in Photoshop.

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