Apple Chapel

Apple Chapel is an augmented reality application developed for iOS. The app is an art project I worked on during my senior year of college. Apple Chapel was created as a way of showing my love and appreciation for Apple and to draw parallels between technology and religion.

I made this project to push myself to learn new skills. I wanted to further my knowledge of 3D modeling and coding, as well as learn more about Photoshop and Illustrator.
Project Type
Senior Project
My Role
Tools Used
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop
Autodesk Maya
2018 - 2019

Apple Chapel Walkthrough

Referencing Religion

Apple Chapel references different religious imagery to make the connection between technology and religion. Imagery from Holy Water to pews and stained glass help to round out this connection.

The building is based off of the Saint Florence Cathedral and a baptistry. The idea for the shape of the chapel is that we are born into the age of technology and live with it for all of our lives. The dome on Saint Florence Cathedral was a structure thought to be impossible to accomplish at the time it was built, just as Apple and technology are constantly breaking new ground and pushing society forward.
Apple Chapel Dongle Screenshot | Toby EverettApple Chapel Confession Screenshot | Toby EverettApple Chapel Fire Screenshot | Toby EverettApple Chapel Accessorize Screenshot | Toby EverettApple Chapel Pews Screenshot | Toby EverettApple Chapel Stained Glass Screenshot | Toby EverettApple Chapel Mural Screenshot | Toby EverettApple Chapel Mural Screenshot | Toby EverettApple Chapel Mural Screenshot | Toby Everett

Making Apple Chapel

This project is a combination of coding, 3D modeling, particle effects and graphics. I used Autodesk Maya to 3D model all of the objects in the AR experience. Illustrator, Photoshop and Procreate were used to create the images and textures for all of the models.
Apple Chapel Maya Mesh Screenshot | Toby Everett
I used Autodesk Maya to create the 3D models for Apple Chapel. Every object was modeled by me and placed into the Apple Chapel building model.
Apple Chapel Maya Mesh Screenshot | Toby Everett
Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and an iPad app, Procreate, were used to create the graphics and textures used for Apple Chapel's appearance.
Unity and Xcode were used to bring Apple Chapel to life through the use of particle effects, sounds and lighting.