Toby Everett

I am a UI / UX designer, graphic designer and augmented reality enthusiast that finds creative ways to solve problems looking for remote full-time work.

Process & Principles


I first talk with clients and do user research to find out what clients and users are wanting from a product. We must be willing to listen to user and client needs in order to design the best product for them.


Ideas don't always follow a single path. The creative process is full of twists and turns from deciding which colors to use to layout and typography. We should consider every idea to see what works best.


I focus on creating experiences that are straightforward and stylish. Users should feel they know how to use a product the first time they use it, and have fun using it, too!


Users provide valuable feedback. Listening to their needs and complaints allow for better experiences to be made and can even show designers new ways to create experiences.

UI / UX Portfolio

Personal Projects