PMC Machinery

PMC Machinery, based in Hammond, Louisiana, sells high-end machinery throughout the United States. Some brands that are carried include Festool,  Jet and Powermatic. PMC Machinery is the largest machinery showroom from Atlanta, Georgia to Dallas, Texas and attracts business from coast to coast.

I am the company’s Assistant Web Developer and Graphic Designer. I help build and maintain the company’s websites as well as create the graphics and mailing lists. During my time at PMC Machinery, the websites I helped create have brought in thousands of dollars each month. I also brought consistency to the graphics to make sales instantly recognizable.
Project Type
Promotional Graphics
My Role
Assistant Web Developer
Assistant Graphic Designer
Tools Used
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe XD
2019 - Current

PMC Machinery

One of the websites I helped recreate was PMC’s main website which showcases many of the machines and tools the company sells. We focused on drawing attention to our current product sales and product experiences that allowed customers to customize products to fit their needs.
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Festool Superstore Website

Since PMC is a Festool Dealer, we took design inspiration from Festool’s branding. We focused on keeping the website simple to not take focus away from the products: I helped input product information and style the website.
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Extrema Website

One of PMC's sister companies is Extrema Machinery. When recreating the website for 2020 we focused on creating a modern and engaging user interface to make viewing Extrema's products a breeze.
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Website Mockups

While planning out the design for our websites, I created mockups of the design system I thought our websites could follow. Since the websites were all owned by PMC, I focused on creating a design that could be reused for each website to create a consistent look. Having a similar design, with font family and colors changing to fit the specific brand on each website, shows that these websites were planned as one and does not create a jarring experience when users leave one site and go to another. I wanted each website to feel like it was created by the same people. Therefore, the header and footer layout would be the same on each website with the logo, links, fonts and font colors changing to match the brand. The product page could also be reused with these same changes. Below is an example of one of the design system mockups I created that was not fully used for each of our websites.


PMC has also allowed me the opportunity to create graphics for our sales each month as well as holidays. I strived to create consistency across platforms for our sale graphics so customers could instantly recognize the brand’s sale. I also loved designing graphics for holidays and features we wanted to promote to customers as they allowed me to be creative.