PMC Machinery

PMC Machinery, based in Hammond, Louisiana, sells high-end machinery throughout the United States. Some brands that are carried include Festool, Jet and Powermatic. PMC Machinery is the largest machinery showroom between Atlanta, Georgia and Dallas, Texas.

I am a Graphic Designer and Web Developer for PMC, helping to develop and maintain the company’s websites. I also create many of the graphics for sales promotions and social media.

During my time at PMC Machinery, the websites I have helped create have brought in extra profit for the company as well as many new customers from across the United States. In the first year alone PMC brought in an extra $300,000 in profit from the websites and continue to grow. I also focused on creating a design style for the graphics I create to make brand sales instantly recognizable and help expand PMC's brand design.

Project Type
E-commerce Website

My Role
Graphic Designer
Web Developer

Tools Used
Adobe Photoshop
Adobe XD

2019 - Current


While I help maintain multiple websites at PMC, the main one is The website allows customers to choose to view our brochure of in-store only products or our selection of products they can buy online and pickup in-store and have shipped.

PMC Machinery Main Image | Toby Everett Portfolio


When customers first land on PMC's website they are given a choice of which website they would like to visit. They can choose to see in-store only products or shop online.

For consistency, both websites share a similar homepage layout that only slightly differs to draw attention to products on that specific site. For example, the shop site draws attention to products available for purchase online in the slider and in the "Bestsellers" section.

PMC Machinery Homepage Choice Page | Toby Everett PortfolioPMC Machinery Brochure Page | Toby Everett PortfolioPMC Machinery Shop Page | Toby Everett Portfolio

Category Page

Both the brochure and shop site have category pages that serve different purposes. The main goal of both is list all of the products in a certain category but each is focused on achieving a different goal.

The brochure site lists mostly in-store only products bases on machine category and brand. Customers can view information on the machines making it easy to compare different models side-by-side and contact us if they need more information.

The shop site gives customers the option to filter products by different criteria, lists prices and allows customers to quickly add a product to their cart for checkout.

PMC Machinery Brochure Category Page | Toby Everett PortfolioPMC Machinery Shop Category Page | Toby Everett Portfolio

Product Page

The brochure site product page's goal is to give customers information about a product separately from the list of other products.
The shop site product page allows customers to view product images and check out the details of products. This page also shows the status of a product such as "Check Availability" and if a product has free shipping. To make sure customers had a clear understanding of what each product status meant we included copy explaining its meaning above the "Add to Cart" button.

PMC Machinery Brochure Product Page | Toby Everett PortfolioPMC Machinery Shop Product Page | Toby Everett Portfolio

About Page

I was given the task of creating our About page for both websites. Making sure to follow the design of the rest of the website, I thought about what made PMC stand out against our competitors. I also knew having visuals of these special qualities would help solidify what I was describing to the customer, causing them to trust our brand.

PMC About Page | Toby Everett Portfolio


One of my other duties at PMC Machinery is to create graphics for promotions and holidays. These were always fun to create because I was able to experiment with different styles freely and spice up the graphics to match holidays. Some examples include adding snowflakes to December graphics and brand color matched ribbon to Black Friday promotional graphics.

For our outdoor sign (the last six graphics), I wanted to create a theme to unify each slide. The common theme had to span from sales promotions to highlighting our store's unique qualities. I came up with the idea for sharp angles based on the many types of blades with carry for our machines. I was also able to give depth to the signs by hiding parts of images behind some angles, such as the air condition and gas can signs. I also created brand signs for SawStop, and other brands we carry, that show off the many combinations of machines available. Finally, a common remark we get from customers is that we are a "woodworker's candy store," so I ran with the idea and used PMC's brand colors to create an eye-catching lollipop sign.

PMC Machinery February Social Media Graphic | Toby Everett PortfolioPMC Machinery December Social Media Graphic | Toby Everett PortfolioPMC Machinery Black Friday Social Media Graphic | Toby Everett PortfolioPMC Machinery Christmas Social Media Graphic | Toby Everett PortfolioPMC Machinery Mardi Gras Social Media Graphic | Toby Everett PortfolioPMC Machinery Independence Day Social Media Graphic | Toby Everett PortfolioPMC Machinery ACs Sign Graphic | Toby Everett PortfolioPMC Machinery Gas Cans Sign Graphic | Toby Everett PortfolioPMC Machinery Air Compressors Sign Graphic | Toby Everett PortfolioPMC Machinery SawStop Sign Graphic | Toby Everett PortfolioPMC Machinery Scaffolding Sign Graphic | Toby Everett PortfolioPMC Machinery Woodworker's Candy Store Sign Graphic | Toby Everett Portfolio