Fixin Food

Delivery App

Fixin is the new food delivery app that stands out from the competition.

This a project that is inspired by the Adobe Creative Challenge where we were given the task of designing the user experience and user interface for a food delivery app.

The project was created with:

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe XD

Standing Out

When deciding on the color scheme for the UI for the application, I knew I wanted to design an interface that was fun to use and used a modern dark-themed design language to stand out from the other food delivery apps.

The Home Screen

User research revealed that users tend to leave the home screen within 30 seconds of opening the app. I had to find a way to keep them engaged longer.

  • To keep users engaged while on the home screen of the app, I featured sections for promotions running at the time.

  • I also added a "Favorites" section as a way for users to quickly and easily view the food and restaurants they mark as a favorite.


Users need a way to search for specific types of food in their area as well as filter for different price ranges and dietary options.

  • Users can easily search for food and filter results. They can also easily see which filters they have applied.


Users need a place to view past and current orders. They also need a way to view the progress of their order and the details of the driver that will be delivering the order.

  • Users are able to view order status, receipts, and report an issue all in one screen.


  • Users can also view a map of the route the delivery driver is on and the details of the vehicle they are in to keep the user safe.

Fixin In Action

Toby Everett © 2019