Farmers Market Posters

I was prompted to create three separate posters that followed the Plakatstil style to promote a farmers market in a place of my choosing. I had to figure our the best way to make these posters individually appealing while also making sure they worked as a cohesive whole.

I used color, font weight and imagery to create a balanced and eye-catching design for the three posters.
Project Type
School Project
My Role
Graphic Designer
Tools Used
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe InDesign


I began with sketching thumbnails of ideas for how the posters could be designed. I searched for different images of mountain ranges around Tennessee. I also researched different activities popular in the area for inspiration.


When choosing a color palette for the posters I went with fall colors due to the farmers market being set in the fall. To create the posters I used Adobe Illustrator and InDesign. I used Illustrator to create the graphics, such as the ribs, trout and mountains. I then used InDesign to assemble the EPS files into the full posters.

Final Thoughts

This project taught me how to plan a series as a cohesive whole while also specifically designing the individual posters in order to convey the message of the posters.